Ari Lennox Reveals She’s Dating Keith From Married At First Sight | NeNe & Nyoni Respond To LAWSUIT

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If you’re a fan of Ari Lennox like I am, then you may have seen her teasing a new man on her Instagram for the past couple of days. First she posted an Instagram story showing just part of his body as they were sitting together.

Then today she posted his whole body, including his face, and it’s none other than Keith from Married At First Sight!

Keith Manley appeared on Season 8 of Married At First Sight and he was married to Iris Caldwell. And although they seemed to make a good couple at first. Keith felt like Iris was somewhat immature and her lack of intimate experience was a barrier for him because he didn’t want to be her first.

The two parted ways and Keith went on to write a book, Life Is Just…A Walk Within. And Iris is modeling and living her best life from what we can tell on her social media.

And now Ari Lennox has apparently hooked up with Keith and they seem to be enjoying each other’s company. Neither one of them has actually talked about their relationship or friendship or whatever they want to call it yet. They’ve just posted these pictures of each other and they look happy together.


In other news, both NeNe and her boyfriend Nyoni have responded to Nyoni’s wife suing NeNe Leakes for causing her husband to alienate her – alienation of affection.

NeNe basically said he’s “yours, mine and ours.”

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Check it out:

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