Brandy Finally SPEAKS OUT After Kim Kardashian LIES About Ray J Second Tape

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Ray J recently called out Kim Kardashian for lying and exposed a text message conversation between the two of them where Kim admits to “joking” about the content of the second tape. Now Brandy is speaking out and defending her brother amid the accusations that he says have made him question his whole life.

In case you didn’t know, Ray J and Kim Kardashian actually met through Brandy when Kim Kardashian used to style and clean closets for celebrities like Brandy and Paris Hilton.

And Kim Kardashian allegedly stole from Brandy and the Norwood family when she was styling Brandy.

That is allegedly how the Kardashian sisters initially funded their clothing store, Dash, which was later featured on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Check it out:

Leave a comment and share what you think about this mess between the Kardashians and The Norwoods.  Are you surprised Kim Kardashian would act out a scene making it look like Ray J was trying to expose her? Are you surprised the Ray J is finally speaking out after more than 10 years and exposing the deal he signed?

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