Kodak Black Denies Pressuring Latto To Sleep With Him To Clear A Feature On Her Album

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Last week the rapper Latto revealed that she was having trouble getting clearance from an artist who did a feature on her album because she wouldn’t respond to a DM from them. And she explained how basically male artists try to force female artists to sleep with them in order for them to do work with them. And she said this particular artists was holding back clearing his feature on her album because she wouldn’t respond when he slid in her DMs.

She didn’t name any names but she did say that he is still on the album. So now that the album track list has been released people are pouring over the track list and the features to see who the artist could be that was trying to pressure her to sleep with him. And fans are saying that it is none other than Kodak Black.

Kodak Black did an interview with The Breakfast Club recently and said he has to “bust” every female artist that he works with. He said he has to “have the mind” of any female artist that he works with and he has to “bust” them in order to get their mind.

So fans are pointing at Kodak and saying that he is likely the one that was pressuring Latto and not clearing his feature because he wanted to pressure her into sleeping with him.

Check it out:

Leave a comment and let me know if you believe Kodak when he says it wasn’t him. Or do you think it was definitely him and he’s just lucky she didn’t call him out by name.