Inside Apryl Jones & Taye Diggs SHOCKING Relationship (ALLEGEDLY)

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There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones lately with people wondering if they are a couple or if they’re not? Are they working on a movie together, is he teaching her how to act? What’s really going on with them other than TikTok videos?

The Real reports,

Fans are speculating whether Apryl Jones and Taye Diggs are an item after a recent slew of suggestive social media posts! Both the “All American” actor and the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star posted videos recently that show the two enjoying each other’s company. In one video, the two attempt to perform a dance until Apryl messes up the choreography by laughing .“This isn’t ‘Love and Hip Hop,’ this is love and dance,” Taye jokingly says in the clip.

In another, which appears to be shot aboard an airplane, Apryl attempts to teach Taye the lyrics to Destiny’s Child “Say My Name” until he purposely messes up the words. “And you was on me about Love and Dance TUH!!!” Apryl wrote in the caption, adding a red heart emoji next to Taye’s IG handle.

Though the two have not explicitly said whether they’re romantically linked or just friends, this isn’t the first time they have been spotted together. Last December, the two were seen attending Jennifer Klein’s Holiday Party at a private house in Brentwood, California. Per Just Jared, eyewitnesses say they danced the night away on the outdoor dance floor.

And just yesterday, Apryl posted a picture of her in Taye’s arms with the caption,

and Taye responded,

Who? Me? I’m the lucky one.

So the two obviously enjoy each other’s company. But it’s surprising to a lot of people to see Apryl Jones with Taye Diggs because she was believed to have been seriously dating Dr. Dre. In fact, it was so serious that Dr. Dre’s ex-wife even brought up Apryl’s allegedly wearing the shoes she left behind when she left Dr. Dre.

The Real goes on to report,

Last February, Apryl — who dated B2K members Omarion and Lil’ Fizz — was linked to Dr. Dre after they were seen outside Boa Steakhouse in Los Angeles. After this sighting, Apryl’s former “Love & Hip Hop” co-star Moniece Slaughter, who shares a child with Fizz, claimed Dre and Jones have been together for “a while” in an interview with Kendra G.

“To the person that asked me if Apryl and Dre are together, yes, they are,” she claimed. “And it’s been a while that they’ve been together. It’s been a while. It’s not new. I’ve known for a while. I was shocked just because of her public announcement that she’s polyamorous and that she has been with this one, this one, this one, that one, that one, that one. And she was on the Internet patting her [cat], so I was shocked that
someone so established and refined as Dre would almost wife her.

“What I’m not is a hater,” she continued. “Apryl’s beautiful, her body’s insane, she’s pseudo, semi, kind of talented. She’s a good mom, and what I know about the way she treats her loved ones is, she’s all in. So I know great qualities are in her.”

So Moniece confirmed Apryl’s relationship with Dr. Dre. But to date, Apryl hasn’t spoken publicly about her relationship with Dr. Dre. But she has displayed her relationships with both Omarion and Lil Fizzlepop on television and on social media.

Apryl Jones Dating History

Capital Xtra reports,

Apryl rose to fame through her very public relationship with Omarion, whom she began dating in 2013. In 2014, Apryl joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, becoming one of the realty TV shows eight cast members. The first season of the show, saw Apryl’s pregnancy and birth of their son, Megaa Omari Grandberry. On March 7, 2016, Apryl gave birth to their second child together and daughter, A’mei Kazuko Grandberry.

Then, in season four of Love & Hip Hop:Hollywood, the star began meeting up with Fizz to discuss a possible B2K reunion. And the pair fell into a complex romance and began dating in October 2019. However, the pair allegedly split in January 2020, with Jones saying she just wants to ‘focus on [her] children’.

And, speaking of children…

Taye Diggs Dating History

Distractify reports,

Taye Diggs made his acting debut in 1996 when he was cast as Benny in Jonathan Larson’s Rent. Little did he know, his new role would also be the beginning of his relationship with the mother of his child, Idina Menzel. The two were married for 10 years before their separation. They finalized their divorce in 2014.

Since their split, Taye has been vocal about co- parenting with his ex and the memories they made when they were together. On The Drew Barrymore Show, Taye explained, “Rent is literally the gift that keeps on giving. I met my baby mama there; it was the beginning of my career. That’s where it all started.” Taye shared that they’ve learned how to work through their differences for the sake of their son, who has always been their main priority. He previously told People, “We were friends to start out with, but especially when you have a kid in the mix, there’s no time for any negativity.”

News of Taye Diggs’ relationship with former ex-girlfriend Selling Sunset’s Amanza Smith surfaced shortly after his divorce with Idina Menzel was finalized in 2014. The couple dated for five years before they ultimately decided to part ways. In a previous podcast interview, Amanza revealed the real reason why their relationship ended. She shared, “He’d only been divorced like five months. I was the first person he’d been with after her.” “If you’re the first relationship someone has fresh out of a divorce, it’s probably never going to work. We’re better friends,” Amanza added.

Then in July of 2020, Taye Diggs gave an update on his dating life since his break-up with Amanza Smith, which according to him, was pretty inactive during quarantine “I’ll be honest, there are times when I feel lonely just because there is so much going on and it would be great to have someone to discuss stuff with outside of my son,” he told Access Daily. “But when I think about that whole romantic dynamic, it’s just too much. So I’m going to wait until it feels right.”

So it must feel right with Apryl Jones, and that’s despite their over 15 year age difference.

The Focus reports,

Apryl Jones is reportedly 35 years old. The reality star celebrated her latest birthday in December as she admitted she was feeling “30 fine” in a post to her 2.9 million followers on Instagram while reflecting on how things in her life are coming together. Taye Diggs is 51 years old and was born on 2 January 1971. This means Jones and Diggs have an age difference of around 16 years. But apparently they are not letting their age difference or their career differences stop them from enjoying each other.

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