Wendy Sues Wells Fargo For FREEZING HER ACCOUNTS After She Was Found Acting ERRATIC In Her BDay Suit

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Blogger Choke No Joke shared on his social media yesterday that Wendy Williams is suing Wells Fargo for freezing her accounts. And now, the information he shared has become public information since the court documents from the lawsuit have been uploaded for public viewing.

So shout out to Choke No Joke for caring about Wendy Williams as a person, not just a brand.

Wendy Williams hired a Wealth Manager at Wells Fargo to manage her accounts. And instead of working with Wendy, it appears that person is working against Wendy and essentially for Debmar Mercury and has caused Wells Fargo to freeze Wendy’s bank accounts in order to pressure Wendy to return to her talk show.

It’s being alleged that Debmar Mercury is watching the rating dip for the Wendy Williams show in her absence and of course they are not happy about it. So they are allegedly the ones leaking the shocking stories about Wendy Williams’ mental health, so that Wells Fargo has “proof” that Wendy has dementia and should not have access to her own money. Therefore, putting pressure on Wendy Williams to return to her talk show to prove that she is of sound mental health.

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