Justin Timberlake’s DISAPPOINTING Response To The Janet Jackson Documentary (Allegedly)

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Lifetime’s Janet Jackson documentary was released to heavy criticism last week due to lack of transparency provided in the doc.

Vogue has criticized the documentary for allowing Jackson to steer the conversations to the topics she feels most comfortable with and to gloss over some of the more divisive subject matter.

The NY Times accused the documentary of being ‘a bait and switch, using the lure of access and intimacy — cameras followed her for five years as a tool of deflection.’

The NY Times reported,

“Janet Jackson” is a sanctioned documentary with the feel of a YouTube news clip aggregation. Jackson is interviewed extensively, but largely provides play-by-play, rarely color commentary. In some parts, especially when she’s shown in conversation with Randy, she’s the one asking questions…

…not answering the questions.

Arguably the most anticipated moment in the documentary is the 2004 Super Bowl fiasco, which was promised to be explored in unprecedented depth.

Regarding the halftime show, The Guardian points out,

Janet Jackson has made it clear that the split-second wardrobe malfunction was an embarrassing accident, but in the eyes of the conservative US it was premeditated “filth” inflicted on innocent audiences. The event overshadowed her legacy as one of the biggest pop stars of the 80s and 90s.

In the documentary, that dramatic, career changing moment is presented in a way that  that glosses over Justin Timberlake’s behavior after the event.

Vogue points out,

The film doesn’t account for Timberlake’s conduct in the wake of the controversy: A tearful apology to Moonves allowed him to attend (perform, and win a Grammy at) the Grammys that year while Jackson remained banned, in what was widely perceived as an attempt to throw Jackson under the bus.

[Janet] notes that she told Justin at the time not to respond to the media furor and that she would take the brunt of the blame.

[However] Janet ended up taking all that and more: CBS boss Les Moonves, on whose network the Super Bowl was aired, essentially enforced an industry-wide blacklisting of Jackson that tanked her career. Still, Janet is clearly willing to let bygones be bygones, describing her and Timberlake as “good friends” and asking her fans to finally “move on.”

And it seems Justin is doing just that.

Check out Justin Timberlake’s response to Janet Jackson revealing the truth about their relationship in her Lifetime documentary.

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