Bishop Noel Jones Proposes To Longtime Girlfriend With Ring From A Cracker Jack Box!

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Sunday, January 30th Bishop Noel Jones, who is now 72 years old, proposed to his girlfriend of 28 years with a ring from a cracker jack box!

Bishop Noel Jones has been dating his girlfriend, Loretta, on and off for 28 years according to his proposal speech. They both appeared on the reality show Preachers of LA about 7 years ago and their relationship was very controversial because of the fact that Loretta wanted to get married and it seemed like Bishop Noel was just stringing her along.

Now, at 72, Bishop Noel Jones has decided to marry Loretta so that he does not have to grow old alone. He says in his proposal that you’re about to watch, that he’s going to need someone to push his wheelchair soon.

And he also talks about all the freedom he’s giving up by marrying her. Check it out:

Leave a comment and share your thoughts about the proposal! And check out Bishop Noel Jones dating history in the video below.

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