Twinsies! Simon Guobadia Appears To Give Porsha Williams The SAME MODEL CAR He Bought Falynn! (Allegedly)

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In August of 2020 Falynn posted a single picture or herself standing beside a Rolls Royce with an orange interior in front of the mansion that she shared with her then husband, Simon Guobadia.

And now today, Wednesday January 19, 2022, Simon appears to have gifted Porsha the same model car as Falynn, including the orange interior.

Check it out:

Some people are saying that this car matches Simon Rolls Royce and that’s why both Falynn and Porsha’s cars look the same, because they are both meant to match Simon’s Rolls Royce.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about Simon giving Porsha the same model car he gave Falynn just 2 years ago.

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