Safaree Parties In Jamaica While His Wife Erica Is In The NICU With Their Preemie Son

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Erica Mena gave birth to her and Safaree’s son Legend Brian Samuels 11 days ago as of today. And she has not been allowed to go home with the baby because the baby is premature and still in the NICU. And a lot of people are speculating if she had the baby early because of the stress that she has been going through with Safaree.

At one point Erica said she didn’t want Safaree in the delivery room because he stresses her out and it’s really important to have the right people around you when you’re in labor. And Safaree had to file court documents to request to be present for the birth of his son. Mind you this is his first son, Legend Brian Samuels. Safaree and Erica have a daughter together named Safire. But this is Safaree’s first son. And Erica has another young son named King.

And while Safaree’s son is in the NICU getting intensive care, Safaree is in Jamaica partying it up like he doesn’t have a care in the world.

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