Oop! Tabitha Brown Responds To Wendy Williams Criticism Of Her RETIRING Her Husband

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Wendy Williams is at it again! She recently predicted the demise of someone else’s marriage just because hers fell apart. Yesterday she took aim at influencer Tabitha Brown who announced recently that she is “retiring” her husband from the police force.

Tabitha said it’s been a dream of hers for many years to retire her husband from the police force because she doesn’t like that his job puts his life at risk and that he has to wear a bullet proof vest to work.

But when Wendy Williams featured a Tabitha Brown in a hot topic segment yesterday, Wendy said Tabitha’s decision to retire her husband would put their marriage on “real rocky ground.”

Tabitha Brown, of course, caught wind of what Wendy Williams said and had this to say in response:

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