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Mo’Nique Gives SURPRISING Advice To Blk Women Who Wear BONNETS In PUBLIC

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The comedianne Mo’Nique has a serious message for BW who wear bonnets in public.

Check it out:

What do you think of Mo’Nique’s advice to Black women who wear bonnets in public? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

3 thoughts on “Mo’Nique Gives SURPRISING Advice To Blk Women Who Wear BONNETS In PUBLIC

  • I wear a bonnet when I go to bed to protect my natural hair. I do nof wear it when I leave home because , like Monique said, always be presentable like the queen that you are. I was raised like that. Of course, I would never approach any one about their appearance, because that’s their business.

  • I agree with her 100%. I was also taught when you go out of the house make yourself presentable. She is not saying you got to look like your going to a photo shoot. All she is saying take a little more pride when you step out. Society already thinks less of us anyway, to me this just co-signed every negative stereotype. I work in retail and I have heard the negative comments and jokes people have made when ones have walked by with bonnets and pjs on. The sad part about it some black men are now comfortable wearing their pjs to stores as well. Me personally I would never come out this way but I have to remember everyone wasnt raised the same….

  • Ms Scott

    I agree. No PJ’s, house shoes or bonnets in public. I’m with the comidian ” dey fudda house” ( they’re for the house)

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