OG Proves Jennifer HEARD Feby Call Her A Gorilla! And Shaunie Wanted OG To TAKE BACK Her Accusations

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As the previous season of BBW progressed we saw OG drop clips on her Instagram of critical moments in Basketball Wives that had been edited from the show. And now that the season has ended, OG has dropped the most critical and the most damaging moments from the show that had been edited out of the show that you see air on tv.

If there was a court hearing to determine whether or not colorism/racism is at play on BBW, I would say that the audio evidence OG dropped on her IG would confirm that there is and that it is not as blatantly obvious on the show because of the editing.

In this first clip, Jennifer Williams reveals for the first time that she heard Feby call OG a gorilla. She said they were at the crystal party they had last season and she heard Feby in particular call OG ugly and a gorilla.

In the next clip you hear Jackie Christie trying to mediate the situation but at the same time you hear her conveying to OG that she needs to retract her accusation of colorism and just say that it was favoritism or some other thing, anything but colorism in order for the group to move forward AND in order for the trip to continue.

In the final clip Jackie calls Kristen because Shaunie won’t answer the phone. And Kristen conveys to Jackie that OG must say three important words for Shaunie to even talk to OG. Kristen won’t say what those three words are so Jackie asks her to text the words. And it can logically be concluded that the three words are I AM SORRY. Take a listen and let me know what you think.

See OG’s FULL audio evidence on her IG: https://www.instagram.com/iheartog/?hl=en

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about OG exposing that it was Feby that called her a gorilla first, Jen heard it, but didn’t confirm that she heard it until 2 years later – despite the ongoing conversation about colorism on BBW.

And what do you think about Shaunie demanding that OG say “three little words” before she would even talk to her. Leave a comment and share your thoughts!