MAFS: Chris Calls His Pastor A CLOWN For Being “FAKE” On Camera! (Allegedly)

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Chile… I received some screenshots of Chris of Married At First Sight ALLEGEDLY calling his “pastor” out for being fake on camera.

Check it out:

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One thought on “MAFS: Chris Calls His Pastor A CLOWN For Being “FAKE” On Camera! (Allegedly)

  • March 13, 2021 at 7:46 pm

    Chris is a dangerous pathological liar. Paige must be really desperate that she continues to fall under his narcissistic spell. Now saying that, I feel without a doubt, the situation with them as it appears is fake and scripted. When Paige said her piece to him and got up and walked away, I believe the cameras accidentally showed Paige talking to the producers. Then Paige immediately went back to him and wanted to start over! Come on now are we all so gullible to believe this nonsense! In the famous words of Paige ā€œIā€™m done,ā€

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