[video] Megan The Stallion Love & Hip Hop Leaked AUDITION Tape

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In case you didn’t know, the leader of the Hot Girls, Megan Thee Stallion, once auditioned for Love & Hip Hop!

In the early stages of her rap career Megan Thee Stallion thought it would boost her career to appear on the infamous reality tv show and show off her rap skills.

Vh1 recently released Megan’s audition tape and in it Megan predicts that one day she will be a household name. Check it out:

Fans seem to think that her audition was for the Love and Hip Hop Houston series which was cancelled.

And some fans are stunned that MTS ever auditioned for the show.

Would you have liked to see Megan Thee Stallion on Love & Hip Hop? Or was the route she took to stardom better than reality tv? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!