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Bravo Finally EXPOSES Gizelle Bryant’s MESSY Behavior & The REAL Reason Monique Samuels QUIT RHOP

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Gizelle Bryant’s messy antics throughout Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Potomac were caught on camera and finally exposed on the RHOP Season 5 Reunion.

Previously unseen footage that was aired at the reunion showed Gizelle talking to Robyn on camera about the alleged rumor that Chris Samuels is not the father of his youngest son with Monique.

This is what Monique Samuels has alleged for several months now without any proof and now Bravo has confirmed Monique’s allegations about Gizelle.

Check it out:

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2 thoughts on “Bravo Finally EXPOSES Gizelle Bryant’s MESSY Behavior & The REAL Reason Monique Samuels QUIT RHOP

  • YOU HIT THE HAMMER ON THE HEAD!!! It’s always has been Giselle stirring up the pot of drama. She’s so hateful and mean. She can’t get what Monique has in a husband marriage and family but she definitely found the right one to try. Monique and Chris is about that life and has been day one. Her kids don’t even like their father.
    And that dumb behind Robin. She kept saying You better be glad Juan Dixon isn’t here. What was he going to do? Juan would have thought long and hard before he tried Chris as big and as mad as he was. Nothing was going to happen. Juan isn’t going to even try that.
    I hate to see Monique leave the show. She was the only one that I liked other than Karen. Let’s see who they’re going to hate on now.

  • Terrica

    I went back and watched all the episodes of RHOP from season one and from day one Gizzelle has always been the messy one, the liar, the shit starter, the two faced one, the one who ran back and forth between the women starting shit. Even in season 4 she was the one who brought up the whole penis sucking issue at Candace’s house. I don’t like Gizzelle, Robyn, Candace, Ashley, or Katie. The only ones I liked were Karen and Monique

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