Karen Huger Reads Gizelle & Robyn For FILTH On Wendy Williams “Robyn is a HARD Forty…”

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The Grand Dame herself, Mrs. Karen Huger, made a shady appearance on The Wendy Williams Show today where she called out castmates Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon for their ageism toward her.

She started by exposing that Gizelle Bryant’s makeup line, Every Hue Beauty, has been liquidated!

The beauty brand was formerly very successful online and in stores like Target. However, it no longer exists and apparently Gizelle has not even bothered to tell her customers goodbye.

Karen explained,

If Gizelle needs some work in learning how to grow a brand, tell her to call my people. You don’t have a beauty line then have it disappear without saying bye to your customers that supported you. EveryHue is no longer available to any customer, it was liquidated.

Karen does make a good point! Gizelle has never explained on RHOP the mysterious disappearance of her makeup brand.

Karen also threw a whole shade tree at Robyn Dixon for age shaming her and eliminating her from her Embellished/Embezzled hat line.

Karen said,

Robin is a hard 40 and looking every day of it!

And Karen went on to point out that her own brand, La Dame Fragrance, sales have just skyrocketed.

I’m not going to say to not buy Robyn’s hats. Teach her a hard lesson and buy her hats. Support her please, she needs the help.

Check it out:

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You can purchase Karen’s fragrance here: La’Dame

And you can buy Robyn’s hats here: Embezzled

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