Sasha Obama Goes Viral For City Girls TikTok Video

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Sasha Obama is out here living her best City Girl life!

A TikTok video of Sasha Obama, the youngest daughter of former president Barack Obama, has gone viral. In the video Sasha can be seen lip syncing City Girls lyrics along with a friend.

Check it out:

Sasha’s friend posted the original video which has since been deleted from TikTok, likely due to all the attention it was receiving.

Check out how people are reacting on Twitter:

Someone also posting a compilation of other TikToks that Sasha’s friend posted of them.

I think it’s amazing to see Sasha having a normal, teenage life after dealing with the public scrutiny of being the President’s daughter!

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2 thoughts on “Sasha Obama Goes Viral For City Girls TikTok Video

  • October 26, 2020 at 5:40 pm

    I’m proud. You’re not causing any harm or embarrassment. You’re having fun living your young developing life respectfully.

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