ICYMI: Tanya Sam Breaks Her Silence On Rumors She Slept With A Stripper #RHOA

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Tanya Sam, friend of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, has responded to the the salacious rumors that she ‘rode the bull’ at Cynthia Bailey’s stripper filled bachelorette party.

According to Love B. Scott’s sources, Tanya Sam and Porsha Williams snuck away with a stripper at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party when they thought cameras weren’t still rolling. But the microphones were still on and they picked up the audio of SOMETHING going down, or going up, in a bedroom occupied by Porsha Williams and Tanya Sam and a stripper identified as ‘Bolo’.

The stripper, Bolo, has come forward and denied that anything happened between him and any of the ladies.

But from what I’m hearing on these Internet streets, Bolo is not the stripper that ‘did the do’ anyway. There were allegedly multiple strippers present at the party and he is not the one that went in the bedroom with two ladies privately.

Now Tanya Sam has come out and given her side of the story on Instagram. She posted a message to her Instagram denying any involvement in the allegations.

OK, girl.

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