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The Dancer From Cynthia’s Bachelorette Party SPEAKS OUT About Porsha Williams & Tanya Sam Allegation

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The male dancer from Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party has spoken out about allegations that he was intimate with both Porsha Williams and Tanya Sam!

He has been identified as “Bolo” and he previously performed with Kandi Burruss as part of her Dungeon Tour. He also previously worked with Vivica Foxx in a dance troupe she put together.

Here’s what he had to say about what happened that night:

Do you believe he’s being open about what happened that night? Or do you think him being “professional” means keeping quiet?

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10 thoughts on “The Dancer From Cynthia’s Bachelorette Party SPEAKS OUT About Porsha Williams & Tanya Sam Allegation

  • Summer

    Or he could he just be telling the truth?!? 🙄. If you watch the show you know this is not something EITHER one of these ladies would do!

    • Cutty

      If he was in it for the money don’t think he would have posted saying he didn’t happen! Real news outlet would have paid not a gossip blogger

    • Dominique

      You don’t know that for sure! imho

  • Hatton

    These are grown women…..whatever happened at the party is their BUSINESS. Cynthia should have had him sign a privacy disclosure and collect all CELLPHONES. Ppl need to just mind their BUSINESS n concentrate on their issues n life. Nene need just move on n be quiet who cares what she has to say or her feeling about what these women are doing.

  • Just gossip nothing happened trying to get more people to watch the show

    • Not sure why anyone would want to brag about being a passed around fu*k boy but I guess if you trying to get some status for your obviously regular dick you gotta advertise then, have at it. Porsha and Tanya are grown and still depositing the coins.

  • Dimples

    I believe him..this was for us to watch the show to boost the ratings and have a storyline.

  • Shameka Jones

    I think both these ladies are way smarter than that. Why would they have sex with a stripper at a party with ppl in the other room. Ppl will do anything to sell a story or get hits on their blog. Besides, they’re all adults. Who cares!!

  • Courtney

    Does it really matter if something did happen bc it’s not making me no money what goes on in there life

  • Felisa Carrington

    These are grown people who cares. This even shouldn’t be a discussion. Some people jus don’t have anything to talk about.

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