Lisa Raye Addresses Her Shocking Reaction To Da Brat’s Birthday Surprise

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Lisa Raye is addressing her shocking reaction to her sister, Da Brat, surprising her live on ‘Cocktails With Queens’ last Monday. The surprise went terribly left when Lisa Raye revealed that her and Da Brat had not talked in months despite Da Brat getting engaged to marketing guru, Jessica Dupart.

Lisa Raye explains,

It’s bigger than just ‘oh you moved on with your life’ because she’s grown for a very long time. It is a feeling that extended family is feeling.

I was so in a place of how do I keep this together but still explain how I feel to where it took me for a loop because I know that she knows my heart and I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Lisa also says that she has not heard from Da Brat at all since that awkward conversation. However, she doesn’t seemed worried about missing the opportunity to mend their broken relationship.

We will fix it in God’s time. Until then I wish her the best and love.

Check it out:

As I previously reported, Da Brat’s fiance Jessica Dupart did appear to take a subtle jab at Lisa Raye on her social media with this post: here.

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