Black Twitter Questions Tracee Ellis Ross Being Called ‘The Face Of Black Beauty’

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Black Twitter is responding to Elle Magazine positioning Tracee Ellis Ross as ‘the face of Black beauty.’

Tracee graced the cover of the August edition of Elle, which was the inaugural “State of Black Beauty” edition. And she spoke about her personal experiences as a Black woman and her kind of beauty not being considered beautiful by mainstream America.

But being that she is a bi-racial woman with physical features that clearly reflect both her European and African lineage, some people questioned her being positioned as an authority on Black beauty.

Check it out:

Here’s how social media responded:

What do you think about Tracee Ellis Ross being positioned as ‘the face of Black beauty’ considering that she is bi-racial?

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One thought on “Black Twitter Questions Tracee Ellis Ross Being Called ‘The Face Of Black Beauty’

  • October 6, 2020 at 11:34 am

    No sir. Shes white folks version of black beauty her cacasion feature disqualify her as that title she is not what we see as pure black beauty no!!! Shes not pretty either
    Every mix kid is not pretty golden hair freakles long nose light eyes is not of african descent. I fel nad that she gets doggedout over this topic but she aint beautifil. Even though shes kind. People gravitate toher personality to validate her blackness. She isblack. But she is also white too
    Thats who she is


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