Looks Like Another Fight Breaks Out On The RHOP Mid-Season Trailer

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The Real Housewives of Potomac mid-season trailer is here and it looks like there may be ANOTHER fight this season!

The trailer starts off showing the ladies on a cast trip to Portugal. Ashley reveals her issues trusting Michael since he cheated on her the last time she was out of town.

Monique was noticeably missing from the cast trip and in the trailer the other Housewives discuss how to move forward considering the fight between Monique and Candiace. And at one point Candiace questions the other ladies not wanting Monique to go to jail.

Jamal Bryant is a no-show when it’s time to meet up with Gizelle and their daughters. And Gizelle is shown telling Karen’s business and explaining how Karen gave half her savings to pay off Ray’s tax debt. To that, Karen explains in the caption of the trailer,

Truth is Transparent – My husband took care of his business responsibilities and I added support to our family, as any “good” woman would do, lifting what financials were helpful to us. I ride for my man, who is not living in the phone 📞, but right here by my side!

Gizelle continuously takes lose liberties, adding in her own false opinions, It’s wrong and it’s getting old, but I guess once a mess always a mess lol!

Speaking of mess, the mid-season trailer also shows Michael Darby and Chris Bassett getting into it and it looks like it may have become physical!

Check it out:

Will you be tuning in for The Real Housewives of Potomac this season?