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Kentucky Grand Jury Only Indicts 1 of 3 Officers – And it wasn’t even for shooting Breonna Taylor!

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A decision has been reached by the Kentucky Grand Jury in the case against the three police officers who broke into Breaonna Taylor’s home using a no-knock warrant and fatally shot her.

Unfortunately, only one of the officers, Brett Hankinson, was indicted and it wasn’t even for shooting into Breonna Taylor’s home. He was indicted on three counts of first degree wanton endangerment for firing his gun in to the homes of Breonna’s neighbors – not Breonna.

USA Today reports,

A Kentucky grand jury has indicted former Louisville police officer Brett Hankison on three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor. 

The two other officers involved in the shooting, Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly and Detective Myles Cosgrove, were not indicted.

A wanton endangerment charge is a class D felony and carries a penalty of one to five years in prison. The charges read by Judge Annie O’Connell on Wednesday said that Hankison “wantonly shot a gun” into three apartments.

The occupants of those apartments were identified by initials. None of them were BT — Breonna Taylor. That means the grand jury didn’t find that Hankison wantonly fired into her apartment.

Earlier this month, the City of Louisville paid Taylor’s family $12 million and instituted a new set of policing reforms to settle a wrongful death lawsuit the family had filed.

However, this controversial decision comes as no surprise to me since in the past few days Kentucky had officially called for a State of Emergency and curfew in preparation for the decision.

I will be following up on this story…

What do you think about the decision to only indict Brett Hankinson, and not for shooting into Breonna Taylor’s apartment?

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