Cardi B Files To DIVORCE Offset Amid New Cheating Allegations

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Cardi B has filed for divorce from her rapper husband Offset. 

In her divorce filing, she ‘is seeking primary physical custody as well as legal custody’ of their daughter Kulture. Cardi is also seeking child support, although the exact amount is still unclear.

Despite what appeared to be an loving relationship on social media, his last appearance on her Instagram page was from Aug. 20 when she shared a clip from his new video, Need It. 

And yesterday, according to The Neighborhood Talk, Cardi posted an IG story saying she was tired of wasting her time.

And when she says ‘wasting her time’ we can assume she means investing her time in a man that allegedly continues to cheat on her time and time again. And acts as if he actually has no intentions of being faithful.

Fans appear to be supportive of Cardi B’s decision.

What do you think of Cardi B filing to divorce Offset? Do you think she will actually go thru with the divorce this time?

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