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Kenya Moore Claims Porsha Williams Threatened To ‘Beat’ Eva Marcille After The BLM Movement

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Filming for Season 13 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is currently underway. And it seems that there is some tension going on between Housewives Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore Daly, despite reports that the show is going in a positive direction this season.

Porsha has been filmed protesting and advocating for the life of Breonna Taylor, who was viciously gunned down in her own home by the Louisville, KY Police Department. However, there are some that question the authenticity of Porsha’s protesting.

Someone commented on social media accusing Porsha of clout chasing. And Kenya brought attention to their comment by replying with an emoji.

Porsha clapped back at Kenya for replying to the comment and shamed her for bringing attention to a ‘troll.’

Check out their exchange captured by Peach Report Daily:

Never one to back down, Kenya Moore responded saying that Porsha is not keeping it “real’ because Porsha allegedly threatened to ‘beat’ Eva Marcille after the Black Lives Matter Movement is over.

What do you think of Porsha and Kenya’s exchange?

Porsha Williams also recently cleared up rumors that she was twerking on a police officer before getting arrested. She explains the police officer walked up behind her without her knowledge.

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