Kanye West Promotes Candace Owens Book Encouraging Black Voters To Leave The ‘Democratic Plantation’

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Kanye West surprised his 30 million+ followers on Thursday evening when he publicly thanked Candace Owens for her book ‘Blackout’ on Twitter.

Candace Owens’ book ‘Blackout’ urges Black voters to exit the Democratic party in a movement she calls ‘Blexit.’ And it comes as a surprise that Kanye West would publicly thank Candace for sending him her book because Kanye previously said he “never wanted any association with Blexit.”

According to Page Six, at Turning Point USA’s Black Leadership Summit in 2018, Candace Owens said Kanye West designed a logo for “Blexit” — a movement she invented hoping to get African-Americans to leave the Democratic party. 

Kanye denied creating the logo and claimed that he’d been used to spread messages that he does not believe in.

Candace Owens later denied claiming Kanye designed the Blexit logo in a blog post titled 808s and Heartbreak.

Kanye may have had a change of heart regarding his association with the mission of Blexit, especially considering his current presidential campaign with the Birthday Party. Any rhetoric encouraging Black voters to end their loyalty to the Democratic party is beneficial to Kanye as a candidate running on a third party ticket.

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2 thoughts on “Kanye West Promotes Candace Owens Book Encouraging Black Voters To Leave The ‘Democratic Plantation’

  • September 12, 2020 at 6:08 pm

    Candace, needs to Focus on her unwed pregnancy, and stop trying to Finance moneys to care for her a d her baby after its born. Her rhetoric is just plain stupid. And everybody knows Kanye’s illness keeps him from thinking rashially. You know dam well slavery was no a Republican or a Democratic issue it was a white man’s issue that came over to Africa and stole us from our homeland. This crazy bitch is delusional Kanye needs to pass her some of his meds. I hope she has a son. So that her black ass can come down to reality. A face the fair every black mother faces on a daily basis everytime their child walks out the door. Hopefully times will have changed by then. Oh and by the way is her baby daddy black or white. Not that it matters he’ll be a target. Just some food for thought.

  • September 13, 2020 at 4:41 am

    As a 40 yr old black woman. I say fuck Candace & Kanye. They’re both stupid ass intelligent people. So it makes what they say worse. Candace is going to end up w/ an half white family. Kanye already has his half white family. If you don’t love black & live black. I really don’t care what you say or what you believe. As a black woman. I can’t fathom being w/ another race of man. I couldn’t imagine having a kid who wasn’t my race. I’m black. I want a strong BLACK FAMILY..I struggle with that. Do I trust other black people who don’t love their own people. What I mean is. I never in my life wanted A mixed kid or marriage. I don’t understand the black person who doesn’t want a black family. Especially when we’re the minority. There’s so many white people . They can lose a Becky or 2. We don’t have that luxury. Once you have a family your adding to the biracial community or multiracial. Not the black community. It’s just sad. When Candace/Kanye decides they want to live & love black. Also have some beautiful black babies. Maybe then I’ll listen to the stupid smart bitch. Every black woman I know wants to punch this girl in her face. Even my 83yr.old grandma. And I’ve never heard my grandmother say she wanted to punch someone in the face in my life. Lol.


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