Tamar Braxton’s BF David Adefeso Files For RESTRAINING ORDER Against Her (Details)

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It seems like lately every other week there is something going on with Tamar Braxton. And this week it’s her boyfriend David Adefeso filing for a restraining order against her. The very same boyfriend that allegedly “saved her life” just a few weeks ago.

The singer’s BF, David Adefeso, filed for a restraining order Tuesday in L.A. seeking to prevent DV and he’s asking a judge to grant him one against Tamar. For now, it’s unclear what he’s alleging she might’ve done.

Watch the video for details:

Here are how some fans are reacting on Twitter:

I’m going to be following this story and getting to the truth of the matter so stay tuned for more video updates about what’s really going on with Tamar Braxton.

UPDATE: Tamar Braxton’s Altercation With BF David Likely Caught On Camera

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