NeNe Leakes Says She ‘Took The Beating’ And Protected People That Didn’t Protect Her

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In recent years many Black women have been open about not receiving protection from the same people that they work so hard to protect. Black women in America have been experiencing this for centuries, and are now deciding to call it out and stop protecting the people that don’t protect them in return.

Megan Thee Stallion’s remarks about protecting Tory Lanez from the police after he shot her is a prime example of this. Megan pointed out that even after being shot by Tory Lanez, she still tried to protect him from aggressive police. Yet, even after she protected him from police – he allowed his PR team to attack her!

NeNe Leakes seems to be feeling attacked as well. First she tweeted:

Then after Megan went live and voiced her frustrations about how Black women protect people that don’t protect them, NeNe tweeted:

NeNe has yet to name names on exactly who she has protected and who has done her wrong. First, many Real Housewives of Atlanta fans assumed she was referring to her castmates. However, it looks to be deeper than that and she may be referring to executives at Bravo and True Entertainment.

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2 thoughts on “NeNe Leakes Says She ‘Took The Beating’ And Protected People That Didn’t Protect Her

  • August 22, 2020 at 4:58 pm

    I get it NeNe. Trust me I do. I had two choices. Cry or capitalize off my pain. It cost to hurt me now. Every since that z list YouTuber came for me. Black women have been emailing me countless emails. I’ve received top of the line equipment cameras latest iPad microphones oh my gosh a camera lens so expensive that connects to my 2020 cannon mark 6 ii. Lighting. Sometimes ppl don’t even know they aligning their hate to your destiny. Remember I said bad publicity is good publicity. If you do it right. Address me now I’m going for the jugular and collecting a coint to honey. Subscribe to my YouTube channel Rasheda Marie. How to capitalize off of a L will definitely be segment we will be addressing. Love you lailahlynn I been watching/learning from you for a min. 🦋

  • August 26, 2020 at 6:33 am

    I really need her to stop acting like a martyr. What beating has she taken? She can’t even allow her friend to invite another friend to a party without throwing a fit. She can’t even take care of her used-to-be-sick husband without throwing a fit. She is self absorbed and paranoid. A break every few years from this show is so necessary for her mental health. I believe, just like snake gate, she’s speaking in parables because there is nothing there. People racist at Bravo? Who’s surprised by that? You can’t be out here all Diamond and Silking it for racists, and then expect us to see you as the new Malcolm X once the people you tap danced for stop calling you in to entertain them. And is that Bravo is just being racist to her? Why hasn’t she spoken out all these years in defense of others. You can’t be the highest paid at a network and then cry racism when your contract’s not renewed or when you didn’t get a spinoff. You can’t say it’s unfair wages. What exactly is she claiming?

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