Why Didn’t ‘WE’ Believe Jennifer Williams When She Told Us About Tim Norman?!

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Tim Norman was arrested August 18th for allegedly orchestrating the murder of his own nephew, Andre Montgomery. And now Tim’s allegedly abusive relationships with his ex-fiance, Janae and his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Williams are being talked about.

Why didn’t we believe Janae or Jennifer Williams when they accused Tim Norman of being abusive? Why don’t we believe Black women?

Leave a comment and share your thoughts on why our community FAILS to believe the testimonies of Black women?

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One thought on “Why Didn’t ‘WE’ Believe Jennifer Williams When She Told Us About Tim Norman?!

  • August 20, 2020 at 2:44 pm

    I’m not saying he’s not crazy, but so is Jennifer. There was a episode on the show where Tim had punched Andre and pushed Charles and Ms Robbie fired Tim. When Ms. Robbie took him to court that was about making decisions without talking to her first. So for her to do that she had to rehire him back. Jennifer on the other hand is on a show where is lying, being aggressive, bullying ppl also. More then Tim. I believed Jenna because she had been in a relationship longer and lived with this man. I am trying to wait it out and see what the evidences are and see if he is convicted. All I know Andre didn’t deserve to die.

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