The Tea On Monica & C Murda Rekindling Their Relationship

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If you’ve been following the story with Monica and Kim Kardashian jumping in the fight to #freecoreymiller, then you may have caught Master P unintentionally spill some tea about Monica getting divorced possibly being the impetus for her deciding to champion the movement to free Corey Miller.

In a video posted to TMZ Master P brings up Monica’s relationship status in the middle of talking about renewed interest in his brother Corey Miller’s legal case. He says

“Even with Monica coming forward I know she’s just getting out of a relationship or divorce, so I’m happy that people are coming forward and standing up.”

And so it seemed so random that Master P would bring up Monica’s relationship status in a discussion about his brother’s legal case and so of course fans are wondering if Master P had a slip of the tongue and brought that up because Monica and Corey Miller are possibly rekindling their relationship.

Check it out:

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