‘Pose’ Actress Indya Moore Expresses ‘Hurt’ Over Billy Porter’s Controversial 2019 Emmy Speech

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Billy Porter is catching some heat for his response at the 2019 Emmy’s when a reporter asked him if his win felt bittersweet considering that his castmates weren’t even nominated. He responded in a way that indicated he was enjoying his win (after 30 years in entertainment) and he expressed that he would like to live in the positive.

However, the fact that he did not acknowledge his castmates being left out of the Emmy nominations has rubbed some people the wrong way, including castmate Indya Moore.

The reporter asked,

Is it bittersweet for you to know that this win is amazing and historic but the women from Pose were kind of ignored, they weren’t nominated?

And Billy responded,

I don’t live in bittersweet. I live in the present, I live in the positive. The fact that we’re in the building. The fact that we’re in the building is the point, right? We’re in the building, the world has changed. Period. That’s where we are and now we got another season and now they’ll get their shot.

Check it out:

‘Pose’ actress Indya Moore responded to Billy’s statement and indicated that she was hurt and disappointed by it.

Indya’s reaction seems to be rooted in disappointment that the Emmy’s acknowledged ‘Pose’, a show that centers trans women’s experiences, by nominating a cis gendered actor for an Emmy instead of a trans actor. Indya tweeted about this just a few days prior to Billy’s 2019 statement being resurfaced.

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Other reactions to Billy Porter’s statements include both understanding of his desire to be positive and enjoy his moment, and disappointment that he did not take a moment to acknowledge that his castmates are deserving of acknowledgement as well.

Another person added more context to the situation:

Billy Porter caught wind of the backlash he was receiving on social media and made a post addressing the issue and explaining that he knows the pain of being overlooked. Check it out:

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