Traci Braxton Addresses The Public | Tamar Was Blindsided By WeTV Trailer Of ‘Get Ya Life’

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The Blast reports,

Sources say Tamar has been extremely emotional due to an ongoing contract dispute with We TV. The singer has been attempting to get out of her WeTV contract believing she has been screwed over for years. Things got worse this week when the trailer for Tamar’s new We TV reality show “Get Ya Life” was released. Reportedly, Tamar felt blindsided by it and hated the way it portrayed her.

In the trailer to the show, Tamar is portrayed as very emotional and you see her arguing with the producers of the show and even kicking the camera men out of her home.

In light of the news about Tamr, Traci Braxton has addressed the public by making a special request.

Check it out:

The last video Tamar posted on Instagram was of her son Logan. She wrote, “I just want to know if ANYONE else besides me need a vacation 🤦🏽‍♀‍😩😩😩 Logan wasn’t haven’t it then OR now‼️‼️❤️✨all i need to see is water 💦 and some sun ☀️ It’s only 1:30 and I wanna go to bed right now😬

So in my opinion Tamar’s attempt to take herself out was a direct result of WeTV releasing the trailer for Get Ya Life and her being blindsided by the way it portrayed her!

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3 thoughts on “Traci Braxton Addresses The Public | Tamar Was Blindsided By WeTV Trailer Of ‘Get Ya Life’

  • July 17, 2020 at 4:04 pm

    Tamar I wish you and your family all the best thru this difficult time. Stay in prayer and God will strengthen you mentally, emotionally and physically . There’s only 1 Tamar, don’t worry about the outside noise !!!! 🙏🏼🌸🙏🏼🌸

  • July 18, 2020 at 10:30 pm

    I’m sorry but Tamar already knew how these shows go nothing new..Everything she does she always have regret and blame the network..If you dont give negative videos nobody can edit to make it negative vibes..Prayers to her but I just cant get with the same old story BLAME THE NETWORK..IT HAS GOTTEN VERY OLD..Why even do a show with same network that you claim did you and your family wrong in the past..Why hurt your young child and elderly mother..As always Tamar is very SELFISH…Dont like the way you are portrayed in public then stay off TV and blaming others…

  • August 3, 2020 at 12:44 pm

    Shame on you nobody knows what they’re really getting into until it’s done; So stop it.


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