Jada & Will CONFESS To Jada’s Relationship With August Alsina And Admit To Having A ‘Bad Marriage’

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What’s up you guys! Today Jada Pinkett Smith sat down at her own red table with her husband Will Smith and spilled all the tea on her relationship with August Alsina. This is the interview we’ve all been waiting for for days, because we all know it doesn’t take that long to set up a table and some chairs!

But Jada sat down and spilled the tea and she did not disappoint. She didn’t sugarcoat anything and she confessed that her and August Alsina were, indeed, in a relationship!

What do you think of Will and Jada spilling the tea on August and sharing that they’re willing to have a “bad marriage for life”? Could you see yourself being separated from your partner, dating other people, but refusing to get divorced? Leave a comment and share your thoughts on this type of marriage!