August Alsina Just Revealed The CRUCIAL Step That Happened BEFORE He Exposed Will & Jada

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In the wake of August Alsina’s eye opening interview with Angela Yee where he revealed that he was in a romantic relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith and that her husband, Will Smith, had given him his permission, August Alsina is now responding to claims that he side swiped the Smith family by airing out their alleged dirty laundry.

Both Will and Jada have released statements denying there is any truth to August’s confession of having had a romantic relationship with Jada. In effect, gaslighting him even further than it appears they already have.

So, it appears August made this lengthy statement on his social media in response to Will & Jada denying his claims and apparently acting as if they are surprised by him making the confession.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about August Alsina revealing why he revealed he was in a relationship with Jada? And what do you think about him making it known that courtesy calls were given before the interview aired?

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