Tisha Campbell Accused Of Shading Jada Pinkett Over August Alsina

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Tisha Campbell, who use to be friends with Will and Jada until her divorce from Duane Martin, made an Instagram post today that some say was throwing subtle shade at Jada Pinkett Smith and her manipulative relationship with August Alsina!

Jada Pinkett Smith and Tisha Campbell appeared to be very friendly over the years. But Tisha and Duane Martin, who is very close friends with with Will Smith, had a bitter divorce battle in which Duane Martin was accused of hiding his money. And it appears Will may have sided with Duane in the divorce.

Just last year, Will got dragged into Duaneā€™s $2 million bankruptcy fraud lawsuit after Will gave Duane a loan to buy a home.

Today Tisha Campbell posted a meme on Instagram that many thought could be referencing Will and Jada’s relationship.

Check it out:

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