Kamala Harris SHUTS DOWN Meghan McCain For Being Ignorant On ‘Defunding The Police’ Movement

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The movement to ‘Defund The Police’ is a spectrum movement. People within and without the BLM movement want to decrease funding to the police. Some want to completely dismantle the police department. And others want to decrease police funding.

But both want to direct more funds to social services that actually help the community get jobs and job training and address mental health issues and other community issues, rather than directing so much of a city’s budget toward a militarized type of police force that is proactively patrolling the city and looking for “criminals.”

In this brief clip Meghan McCain tries to corner Senator Kamala Harris and get her to say “yes” or “no” that she is completely for or against ‘defunding the police’ despite their being a whole spectrum of where people stand on defunding the police.

It’s so irritating to me how people want Black people in particular to have yes or no answers when it comes to how they view police and other social issues that we deal with in this country. And they don’t want us to be able to have a range and place on a spectrum of where our views fall on these issues.

What do you think about Meghan McCain trying to force Senator Kamala Harris to say yes or no to defunding the police? And, did you hear Meghan admit that she doesn’t even know what defunding the police means exactly?