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Tammy Rivera Reveals She Regrets Getting The Fat Sucked Out Of Her Abdomen

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Love & Hip Hop and Marriage Bootcamp alum, Tammy Rivera Malfurs, recently revealed that she had plastic surgery and she totally regrets it!

Tammy sat down for a virtual interview with Leah Henry of Leah’s Lemonade and opened up about why she got plastic surgery and why she regrets that decision.

She said,

You know when you have a baby, that little pouch just doesn’t go away so I’m like I’m going to suck this pouch out. And by me doing that, I felt like the fat deposited in other places. I’ve always been bottom heavy. Now I’m extra bottom heavy.

People are like, ‘Oh you got your ass done.’ I’m like girl, if I could suck this shit out. I would. My ass is…I don’t have to get a BBL. It’s crazy cuz when I go to my trainers I be like I’m trying to lose my butt. I don’t want this much ass.

Check it out:

plastic surgery convo starts around 48 minute mark

Tammy Rivera used to claim to have an all natural body for years. And she shocked fans in 2017 when she revealed on Sister Circle that she had gotten breast implants.

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