Maia Campbell Arrested In Atlanta Crackdown

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Maia Campbell, former star of the 90s sitcom In The House, was reportedly arrested in Atlanta, GA last week. She was allegedly charged with being a “pedestrian in the roadway” and is accused of participating in illegal street racing. She was arrested by Atlanta police along with 44 other people in an illegal street racing crackdown.

Maia Campbell mugshot

According to reports, Maia Campbell, who once lit up television screens with her infectious smile, is now living a very different life from the one she once knew.

Fans have reported seeing her walking the streets of Atlanta begging for money and many believe she has a drug addiction. A fan who had a run in with her earlier this year revealed that she spoke with Maia and Maia told her she had been “used” by Hollywood.

LL Cool J reached up to Maia years ago but Maia rejected his offer to assist her.

She allegedly suffers from untreated bipolar disorder. Maia’s mother, author BeBe Moore Campbell revealed that one of their family members also suffered from bipolar disorder.

I pray Maia Campbell can get her life back on track, especially for her daughter’s sake.

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