Girl From ORIGINAL R Kelly Tape Forced To File Bankruptcy After His Arrest

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There is an ongoing “rumor” that R Kelly has been taking care of the girl in the original R Kelly tape that was allegedly a minor when she was involved with R Kelly.

According to The Blast, R. Kelly’s Original Alleged Sex Tape Victim Filed For Bankruptcy Three Months After Singer Was Arrested

And I know this to be true, why? Because I have the receipts! I have access to national bankruptcy records for anyone who has ever filed bankruptcy in these here United States and I can confirm that this story is true.

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R. Kelly’s original alleged underage sex tape victim filed for bankruptcy months after the singer was locked up on new charges. Here are the details:

Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Do you think R Kelly was financially taking care of this girl for all these years? And is that why she had to file bankruptcy now that he’s locked up? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!