[video] The REAL Reason Why Ms Juicy Is No Longer On The Rickey Smiley Morning Show

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Shirlene King Pearson better known as Ms Juicy Baby has been mysteriously missing from the Rickey Smiley Morning Show since it moved to Dallas to take over for the Tom Joyner Morning Show.

And fans have been vocal about missing Ms Juicy Baby and wondering why she wasn’t on the new version of the show, especially since it was announced that she would be on the show.

Ms Juicy has been a fan favorite on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show since her first year with the show in 2008. Fans know her for her infectious laugh and her hilarious singing voice.

She was a regular on the RSMS until 2014, and at that point she started doing guest appearances on the show – which I have to point out often went viral. When you look at the RSMS on social media, a lot of their viral content features Ms. Juicy.

Well Ms Juicy has posted a video explaining her absence from the RSMS in Dallas and clearing up any rumors about what happened to her, and calling out one of her former co-hosts.

So it sounds like Ms Juicy has a lot going on in the next phase of her career. And I’m looking forward to seeing her acting on the next season of Claws when it airs this year. Leave a comment and let me know what you would like to see Ms Juicy do next!

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