Kenya Moore Confirms She Is Giving Marc Daly Another Chance After He Disrespected Her

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While Kenya Moore appeared on Watch What Happens Live from the comfort of her gorgeous home she spilled the tea on exactly what is going on with her and Marc Daly.

On this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta we’ve seen Marc be completely disrespectful to Kenya at his Black Man Lab event. And after the event she revealed that he was even more disrespectful to her in the Uber and that the Uber driver had to kick him out the car!

And Kenya also revealed that she found inappropriate text messages between him and other women in his phone. But despite all that, Kenya is giving Marc another chance!

Here’s what she told Andy Cohen about the current state of her and Marc’s relationship:

It really sounds like Kenya feels obligated to work things out with Marc, likely because they have a child together.

But having a child with a man doesn’t give him a pass to disrespect you with no lasting consequences!

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