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[video] Loni Love Says She Wants People To Stop Lying On Her After Tamar Says She Wants To Get Along

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Tamar Braxton recently took to Twitter and expressed that she is in a positive place in her life and that she doesn’t want to have beef with anyone. And it appears that Loni Love may have been responding to her when she said she also wants to get along with people, but doesn’t want people lying on her!

On March 24th Tamar tweeted:

And a few hours later Loni Love tweeted:

Loni Love appears to be referencing the testimony from comedienne Cookie Hull who told Comedy Hype that Loni worked to get Tamar fired from The Real.

Tamar has referenced Cookie Hull in the past and even posted on her Instagram that Cookie told her that Loni was trying to get her fired.

Tamar went live on her Instagram and YouTube last night and addressed fans questions about what she posted on Twitter regarding wanting to get along with everyone. Check it out:

Starts at the 11:55 mark

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