Both Amanda Seales & Tamar Braxton Have Series Titled “Get Ya Life”

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Earlier today I reported that Tamar Braxton is starring in a new WeTV series titled “Get Ya Life.” And now I see Amanda Seales is also promoting her own (fictional) web series called “Get Your Life” on her IGTV.

What a coincidence!

I’ve always thought these two women were kindred spirits. They seem to have the same attitude but express themselves in slightly different ways. And it’s not surprising that The Real would want either one of them as a host.

Tamar Braxton’s show, “Get Ya Life“, will reportedly showcase her career and family life as she transitions into her current life as a single mom and entrepreneur.

And Amanda Seales (fictional) web series, “Get Your Life“, also appears to follow the career and life of a woman in transition.

Check out Amanda’s description of her web series in the video below:

What do you think of both Tamar and Amanda Seales having series titled “Get Ya Life” about women in transition?

FUN FACT: the term “get ya life” is attributed to bloggers Kevin & Makael of The Skorpion Show.