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Loni Love Gets DRAGGED For Saying ‘BW Don’t Know How To Eat’

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On a recent episode of The Real Loni Love was presenting an advertisement for Weight Watchers when she began to tear up and actually start sobbing when she recalled her unhealthy diet growing up in the projects. And viewers of The Real are commenting on social media about not only how weird it was seeing Loni cry about her ‘project’ eating habits. But how CONFUSED Amanda Seales looked when Loni Love was crying about her diet.

Take a look:

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2 thoughts on “Loni Love Gets DRAGGED For Saying ‘BW Don’t Know How To Eat’

  • Loni Love grew up in the Brewster Douglass projects. No food desert! She grew up just around the way from a place we call Eastern Market where fresh fruits an vegetables are sold every weekend. Perhaps her story is more that her family may not have been able to afford to eat healthier, but thee was no lack of fresh fruits and vegetables in the projects. Just a few years older than her myself, I, too, grew up in the Brewsters and our family frequented the Eastern Market for fresh fruits and vegetables! Come on Lonie Do better’

  • She should watch her mouth – after she finish stuffing it.

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