More Tea! Cookie Hull & Loni Love’s Hairstylists Posts RECEIPTS!

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Earlier today I reposted a very emotional video from Cookie Hull’s hairstylist, Nicci, in which she verifed that she heard Loni bash Tamar with her own ears and that Loni did indeed try to get Tamar fired from The Real.

Well now the hairstylist is posting RECEIPTS proving that she did work with both Loni and Cookie. And that she is a very credible witness.

First she posted this collage showing her doing Loni Love’s hair behind the scenes at a photo shoot.

Then you see her hanging out with Loni Love.

And here she is hanging out with Cookie Hull.

She also posted pictures of her, Loni and Cookie Hull hanging out with other comedians.

And she posted pictures of herself with both Tamar and Tamera. Check out the caption:

In my opinion, these pictures add credibility to her testimony that she heard Loni Love trashing Tamar with her own two ears. They show that she had a friendly/working relationship with both Cookie Hull and Loni Love. And she would have been in earshot of Loni Love’s conversation with Cookie Hull about Loni wanting Tamar FIRED from The Real.

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One thought on “More Tea! Cookie Hull & Loni Love’s Hairstylists Posts RECEIPTS!

  • April 4, 2020 at 4:57 pm

    Loni Is very jealous she could not handle Tamar cause Tamar got too much attention. She’s so insecure being jealous of the other hosts because they are beautiful Loni was so intimidated about Tamars big personality . She act like it’s her show and act like she hired Amanda Seales herself. She always go over to Tamera house and the other cohost homes but she won’t let them come over hers . The Real will be much better without her.


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