Chaka Khan Accused Of Being LIT After Botching National Anthem Performance

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The legendary Chaka Khan performed a rousing rendition of the National Anthem at last night’s NBA All Star game and fans are accusing her of being drunk while performing!

Throughout her legendary career, Chaka has released 22 albums and racked up ten #1 Billboard magazine charted songs, seven RIAA certified gold singles and ten RIAA certified gold and platinum albums. And Chaka’s recorded music has produced over 2,000 catalog song placements. 

So it was definitely disappointing to see Chaka give such a weird performance last night. Check it out:

Viewers of the lackluster performance seem to believe that Chaka Khan was actually drunk during her performance.

Chaka Khan has admitted to having addiction issues in the past and has completed rehab for them. So prayerful she was not drunk and just had an off day.

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One thought on “Chaka Khan Accused Of Being LIT After Botching National Anthem Performance

  • February 17, 2020 at 8:18 pm

    I don’t think that she was drunk or if she was buzzed, that wasn’t the issue. I feel that she tried to make it her own like Whitney and Demi, but it didn’t flow well. She has a unique voice and way of singing, and she couldn’t achieve what she was trying to do. It wasn’t awful but it was not memorable for the right reason either. Plus, we have to keep in mind that any addiction is a LIFELONG battle.


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