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David Schwimmer Responds To Erika Alexander From Living Single

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David Schwimmer, arguably the star of the 90s sitcom ‘Friends’ has responded to Erika Alexander, who played the infamous Maxine Shaw on Living Single.

Earlier this week Erika responded to David’s suggestion for an all-Black remake of the mostly White show, Friends.

She posted:

And just a few hours ago David responded with this message:

In her initial series of replies Erika specifically said she wanted to work with him and admentioned her agency @colorfarmmedia. However, David seemed to respond to everything else she said EXCEPT the offer to work together.


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9 thoughts on “David Schwimmer Responds To Erika Alexander From Living Single

  • Katrina

    His response was professional and respectful. Erika’s initial tweets to him were not. They were condescending. For him to respond as nicely as he did was good on his part and I think Erika will also be pleased with his response, but we’d have to wait to see follow up tweets from her. EVERYONE knows Living Single came first, including the cast, the producers and fans of Friends. Could Friends have been more diverse? Of course. Absolutely. But why don’t we have this same energy to knock down Seinfeld? In comparison, Friends was much more diverse, so I’m confused why there is less attention placed on Seinfeld’s lack of diversity. I think the reason why is because Friends is still, to today, one of the biggest shows on Television, and so, today’s audience holds it to today’s standards of diversity. Whereas only Seinfeld fans are still watching Seinfeld. People forget that Friends came out over 20 years ago because of how popular it still is. The truth is that at the time of Friends, there were white sitcoms and there were black sitcoms. Friends had the most diversity out of the white sitcoms during it’s time and it was revolutionary and progressive in it’s time.

    • Well said!

  • To me she was rude and bitter and he was respectful and smart…

    • Just A Thought

      To me, Shwimmer was staying on code all the while downplaying the credit that was due. Sometimes, more than most, white people speak on diversity just to sound “trendy” or “included” all the while money is the bottom line and the black shows fade into the background whether they trailblazed it or not. He’s never gonna call Erika because he never meant it and I’m sure shes not holding her breath. However Erika was not wrong for calling him out. We’re sick of people taking credit like they really did something and not acknowledging the architect. His tweet was a simply a sorry, not sorry post.

    • Typically response about a black woman from one who cannot begin to understand the plight. How do you not realize you sound no different than what you’re accusing her of being? Grow up!

    • I don’t blame him for not wanting to work with her. She seems like a very nasty, demanding, in your face type of person. Ugh. I can imagine what he felt when he saw her first tweets!

      • Lol so you’re protecting the white man and not the black woman who worked on the show that the white man’s producers stole and profited from. Rich.

  • Jauana

    Still not buying it from him. That’s wasn’t a solution to question he was asked because it already been done. We have living single and if you watch Asian Television which I do it’s already been done there.

  • We are talking about a Tv show. We are talking about an actor on a tv show. So he has very little if any control of anything. I agree with the above comments that is how I felt by both comments. David was a lot more logical and personal.

    If we as Black people want to make more progress. We have to understand how to do it. We must know who and what to attack. We do a bad job of that these days.

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