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NeNe Leakes SECRET REVEALED! NeNe & Wendy Have A LOT In Common! (Allegedly)

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I know a lot of people thought Wendy was acting and setting up a story line for Nene yesterday. But Wendy was not lying. She was not acting. It was not a scheme that Todd set up.

Wendy Williams was DEAD WRONG, DEAD WRONG for bringing attention to NeNe and Gregg’s secret because it’s really private information. And for your own friend, or so-called friend, to even HINT at this type of information on international television is just dead wrong.

Again, this information is ALLEGEDLY in capital letters. But at the same time it does explain everything! It makes everything make sense. It explains why Wendy said that people would feel sorry for NeNe if they knew what was really going on. And it explains why NeNe treats Gregg the way she does. And it explains why Nene and Wendy Williams are bonded so close now. So take a look and let’s discuss.