Serena and Venus’ Half-sister Calls Dad, Richard Williams, a ‘Serial Cheat’ Who Abandoned First Family

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One of the 19 siblings of the talented sisters Venus and Serena Williams has spoken out about their father calling the father a “serial cheat.”

 Sabrina, 55, is Richard’s firstborn daughter whom he left home to buy a bicycle for when she 8 only to never return.

She says he left their family and started another. That family being the one he started with the mother of tennis super stars Venus and Serena Williams.

Sabrina said,

“My mom told me later that he’s never coming back, We went from having everything to nothing. The best dresses, parties, we’d go places. Now there was no new shoes or clothes. He’s not a dad. He was just a sperm donor.”


“I know there’s more siblings, I was told between fifteen and nineteen all over the place, from LA to Louisiana,

My mom always argued with my dad about his affairs, he was a serial cheat. I remember that was always the main thing they’d talk about.”

Sabrina suffered abuse at the hands of her mother for years. After leaving home at “20 or 21” she slept in her car for 6 months.

Sabrina says,

“Somehow I got hold of my dad through a relative and asked for $1,000 to pay some of the college bill at Hope Christian University,” 

“He said he’d only give me the money as a loan. That’s when I knew he was an a**hole.” 

Sabrina, says she met her famous siblings for the first time at Knott’s Berry Farm, a theme park in California. The sisters were there with Richard.

“I saw him and thought: ‘Hey, that looks like my dad.” 

“I went over, we exchanged hellos, and we hung out for an hour, that was it. 

He gave me his number and told me to call him, then guess what? 

The number he gave me was out of order.”

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2 thoughts on “Serena and Venus’ Half-sister Calls Dad, Richard Williams, a ‘Serial Cheat’ Who Abandoned First Family

  • January 13, 2020 at 4:28 pm

    There’s a lot of boys that call themselves men’s. But they don’t man up for their kids . They can enjoy the sec too make them . But not to take care of them . A wife& home . The play like boys . That’s what I call them . M father was like that & my husband .
    Understand how you feel . God will fix it after while.

  • January 14, 2020 at 6:20 pm

    I feel that is her Story To Tell & That Was The Life She Experienced With Him As Her Father!!!!!, It’s sad That Her Half Sister’s Serena & Venus Didn’t Reach Out & Include Her In The Family Circle, Because Their Father Ended Up Doing The Same Thing To Their Mother After All The Years That They We’re Together!!!!!!!!!!!.

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