The REAL Reason Fans Think Porsha & Dennis Got Married In Mexico (Allegedly)

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There is a rumor circulating that Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley recently tied the knot on their holiday trip to Mexico.

If you look on Porsha’s instagram and Monique Samuels from RHOP instagram, you can see that Porsha & Dennis and Monique & Chris were together in Mexico right after Christmas. And Porsha’s mother was also there in Mexico with them.

The rumor is that Porsha & Dennis actually got married while they were in Mexico. And that Porsha’s mother was there with her to help her to get ready for her wedding day. And that Monique Samuels and her husband were there as witnesses along with the Bravo TV cameras.

They’re saying that Bravo actually filmed Porsha & Dennis’ wedding for a spinoff show. And that’s why the normal RHOA cast wasn’t there. And instead they had Monique from RHOP there since Monique and Porsha have become friends since meeting each other.

So instea of Monique being on the RHOP cast trip, she was allegedly filming Porsha’s wedding special in Mexico.

And if you remember, before Dennis’ cheating scandal Porsha and Dennis were planning a New Year’s wedding. They had planned to get married around New Year’s originally. So the tea is that they allegedly still went through with that plan and got married right after Christmas in Mexico, but they will not be revealing that until their wedding special premieres.

Dennis posted recently that him and Porsha’s sister Lauren finally talked after 8/9 months.

And fans, like my sister, think that they finally made up because Porsha & Dennis actually got married so Lauren decided to play nice with Dennis & give him another chance since he is actually family now.

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